Yesterday Estel had the honor of being a sponsor of the Preferente Awards, held in Madrid within the framework of Fitur.

This event brought together the most important personalities of the tourism sector both nationally and internationally.

The winners were Miguel Sánchez, president of MS Hoteles, receiving the Preferente Award; Julio Llibre, president of CHC, receiving the award; Javier Coll, president of Global Development and Innovation of Apple Leisure Group (Hyatt), receiving the Development Award and Alberto Díaz, president of Mapa, receiving the REPORTUR award.

The final brooch was the surprise prize to the former president of Grumasa, Enrique Martinón, who died last September at the age of 81. His son Henry was responsible for collecting the prize.

Once the event closed, it was possible to enjoy a cocktail where all the attendees could comment and congratulate the winners.

Congratulations Preferente for this recognition that, year after year, you realize to those who make the tourism sector one of the most important sectors of the world economy. As well as to offer our sincere congratulations to all the winners for their career and their good work, day after day, make the tourism sector continue to strengthen and be solid and unstoppable.