Technology and sustainability

Increased energy efficiency and optimization of the use of resourcess





Water treatment

Water desalination

Energy efficiency

Estel Green focuses on applying the most innovative technologies to improve environmental sustainability in all types of buildings and infrastructure, implementing improvements that enable our clients to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined in the 2030 Agenda:

-The increase in energy efficiency.

-The optimization of the use of resources.

-The provision of self-consumption generation facilities that is achieved through the use of
renewable sources.

-The minimization of carbon dioxide emissions and other harmful pollutants for the environment.

-The maximization of the recovery of waste through its reuse, recycling or energy use.

We are collaborating with various technological partners in the application of new innovative technologies, investing in R&D, with the aim of contributing to environmental sustainability and promoting the generation and use of hydrogen as an energy vector.

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