Hotelbeds and other Board companies are joining forces to mobilize the best young talent.


PALMA · On the occasion of the JOB DAY UIB, an event organized to bring UIB students closer to the business fabric, IMPULSA BALEARS launches, together with 7 companies of its patron, the first edition of the Circular Innovation Hackathon.


It is a 24-hour innovation competition that seeks to provide solutions to real challenges faced by participating companies related to the circular economy and a major challenge at the center: contribute to the circular transition of the Balearic tourist system.


The competition will take place on 21 and 22 April at the newly opened Innovation Palma Hub in Hotelbeds, a company that acts, on this occasion, as Main partner. In the words of José María Pestaña, Hotelbeds Director of the High Performing Organisation, «as a leading TravelTech company, we are ready to support the next generation of technological talent. We are looking forward to seeing the new ideas of this hackathon and how these innovations can help grow the local tourist economy».


They also participate, as Innovation partner, Autovidal, Estel Ingenieria y Obras, Hipercentro, Grupo Iberostar, Sampol Ingenieria y Obras and Tirme, all of them leading companies in their sectors that are firmly committed to the circular economy, innovation and talent.


The Circular Innovation Hackathon is thus presented as a unique opportunity to connect actors of the regional tourism system: companies, young talent and educational entities. As indicated by Antoni Riera, technical director of IMPULSA BALEARS «it is highly relevant to involve young, innovative talent, with many disruptive ideas, in the future bet that from IMPULSA BALEARS, we forge for the islands».

Participants will have the possibility to enter into conversations with senior executives of companies of great national and international renown, create professional ties, to put oneself to the limit as individuals and as a team and to live a very enriching experience on a personal and academic level; also taking advantage of the showcase that supposes the event for his future work.


Eight circular challenges for 200 students in higher vocational education, undergraduate, graduate of any profile.


Together, the participating companies will formulate 8 challenges around the priority areas of action contemplated by the Regenerative Movement for the future of the Balearic Islands. Namely: water, energy, food, materials, mobility and territory and sea. In the resolution of each challenge will focus 5 teams formed by 5 students each.


The selection process to cover the 200 places available with the best students from the different educational institutions of the Balearic Islands has already begun today and can be done on the website of HUNGER4INNOVATION, a company dedicated to strategy development, plans and programs of open innovation that has been selected to undertake the organization and management of this competition.


Although the scope of Circular Innovation Hackathon is regional, it will also encourage the attraction of national and international talent which brings incalculable added value, since «the participants will be able to develop and coordinate with people of very diverse formation and very different experience», emphasizes Antoni Riera.


From the moment participants formalize their registration they will not be alone, as they will have a support team that will advise them. They will also receive training in innovation methodologies. Participants will prepare their proposals on 21 April. That same day, they will share with companies the latest tips for designing their solution. On 22 April the jury will deliberate and the best ideas for each of the eight challenges will be chosen.


Subsequently, the winning team will visit the offices of the company with which it has worked to know more closely its managers and assess the possibilities of implementation and continuity of the solution provided.

For more information or registration please consult the following link:

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