Pedernales-Cabo Rojo Tourism Development Plan

Estel, in partnership with Therrestra, carries out the tourism development project of the southern area of the Dominican Republic, Pedernales-Cabo Rojo.

The president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, initiated the works of what will be the first phase of the construction of a new tourist area located in the South of the Dominican Republic, Pedernales – Cabo Rojo. This monumental and hopeful project, supervised by the Pro-Pedernales Trust and the General Directorate of Public Private Partnerships (Dgapp) will cover an investment of 2,245 million dollars arranged in 10 years, for the construction of nine hotels, an international airport, a shopping centre, an aqueduct, a wastewater treatment plant and an electrical transmission system; hydrosanitary Works.

The two hotel chains that have started the project are the Mallorcan hotelier Iberostar and the American Inclusive Part of World of Hyatt, being pioneers of a network of hotels where the construction of 4,700 rooms is planned in the first phase, of the 12,000 that are contemplated over the course of 10 years.

Estel-Therrestra will carry out in this first phase, the execution of 530 rooms, recreational areas, conference room, SPA, in addition to the machine room to cover the production needs of the first three hotels that will make up the tourist area.

A project developed on a paradisiacal coast, full of attractions that will undoubtedly involve the development and growth of the economy of the southern region of the country.