Sustainability as a company philosophy

In Estel we are committed to sustainability, not only in the diversity of services we offer in this area, as is the case of Estel Energy and Estel Green, but also in our company philosophy. For a year now, at the headquarters of Estel, located in Palma de Mallorca, we have clean energy generated from the use of photovoltaic panels. Much of this transformation has been financed by the NextGenerationUE European recovery plan, aid aimed at making Europe the first climate-neutral continent.


The installation is carried out on deck with 114 Panels of 415 W, with east-west structure to 15º with an annual production of 58.582 kWh/year. This will mean a radical reduction in CO2 emissions, making them more environmentally friendly and more efficient.


In Estel we are taking firm steps to make the transformation a reality and little by little we are achieving it.



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