If there is one key thing when it comes to achieving optimum performance for any kind of facility – regardless of class and sector – it is professional maintenance of the machinery and equipment used. While it might be true that the first determinants of quality, reliability and readiness of a service or product are found in design, installation and implementation, subsequent maintenance of facilities completes the result, guarantees an extended service life and has a direct influence on cost savings. That is why it is important to count on a team of professionals, like the one we offer at  Estel Ingeniería y Obras, to carry out appropriate maintenance work at the right time.

Our specific division for maintenance engineering and technology ensures that facilities work as they should and rectifies any issues that might cause problems. Once the project is finished, we offer an integral maintenance service to take care of this. The service includes building maintenance and daily activities as well as a preventive supply of high and low voltage, heating, air-conditioning, security systems and fire detection systems, among other things. Depending on the facilities we design a support plan that is ideally suited to reinforcing the way they work, the service they provide and their general image.

To ensure that our service is efficient, we also have a telephone service at your disposal that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This guarantees that our clients can always get timely assistance and are provided with the staff and material required to cover their various needs.

Advantages of periodic maintenance of facilities

Periodic maintenance where the right kind of action is taken for the facilities at hand at every point in time will improve their performance and also make it easier to achieve the best economic return. It does not only avoid and reduce losses due to failure; it also stops irreparable damage from occurring, improves on the business service quality and increases safety in the business environment.

Proper management is vital in order to maintain assets in good condition. It also creates a more global monitoring of the activity itself and better control of energy efficiency (a principle that Estel Ingeniería y Obras always follow when implementing their engineering, installation and maintenance projects).

Apart from preventive action (designed to reduce risks) and predictive action (more technical and advanced, to predict incidents), our team also takes on corrective maintenance for facilities where any kind of malfunction has been detected.

No matter what, our maintenance team always seeks to ensure that the facilities can run without problems and avoid deterioration ahead of time, and  offer maximum benefit for our customers on an financial and environmental level. All this through innovative and sustainable modern practices that guarantee the best result.

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