Estel Ingeniería y Obras will be in charge of the long-awaited remodelling project for the train stations in Mérida and Badajoz, changing their layout to house the new high-speed services. As part of the Temporary Business Union formed with Latania, our multidisciplinary team specialised in the railway sector will participate in the project and provide the stations with all the characteristics they need to be fully adapted to the new services. The project was awarded the consortium by Adif Alta Velocidad and will begin next September, lasting for approximately 11 months.

During the remodelling work, the initiative will focus on sustainable integration of access ways, passenger buildings and the surrounding areas. This work will involve renovation of facilities and pavements, the platforms will be adapted to new gauges and the canopies changed. The cost for the project as a whole amounts to 7.2 million euros.

In Mérida the works undertaken will build a new environment with an access square, respecting the structure of retaining walls in the area. This way a homogeneous square space will be created that separates the pedestrian area from road traffic and includes transition points matching the façade of the passenger building.

The same concept will be transferred to the interior with commercial spaces and customer space incorporated into the lobby. Our experts in integral service and facility implementation will also work on the platforms and the underpass, adjusting them to Adif’s new homogenisation parameters.

As for the Badajoz station, the aim is to reorganise the exterior giving priority to pedestrian traffic and providing an integral reform of the interior spaces. Creating a large square in front of the building is also part of the plan. This square will be perfectly integrated into the neighbourhood and as such enhance the value of the construction itself.

The main façade will have metal racks – like lanterns – and latticework on the upper part that can change direction and give movement to the space.

The works done to the interior will focus on the central space (main entrances and lobby) and the eastern part (subsidiary uses). The idea is to empty out the hallway, create a space with double height and a central waiting area filled with natural light. Like in Mérida, the remodelling will finish with the necessary adaptions being made to platforms and underpass.

Our team, leaders in engineering services, integral facilities and maintenance has already finalised the preparation stage for the works to be carried out, designed to improve service and accessibility at these new stations. Thanks to our many years of experience with similar projects, we will soon provide users of the Madrid-Extremadura High Speed Line and the residents of Mérida, Badajoz and the surrounding areas with comprehensive and modern services. We will do all this without sacrificing sustainability and resource optimisation, the main hallmarks of Estel Ingeniería y Obras.


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