Estel collaborates in the collection of food, hygiene products and computers for those most in need

If anything characterises our team at Estel Ingeniería y Obras it is that we want to be there when we are needed the most.

We are aware of the situation many families are left in by COVID-19, and as a company we have joined forces and cooperate with others in a very necessary program collecting food, personal hygiene items and computers for the most disadvantaged on the Balearic Islands. The various products can be left next to the reception in our offices, in a box set up exclusively for this purpose, until the end of July.

We want to thank workers, clients, relatives and friends of Estel for their involvement in this initiative that we develop together with the Balearic Association for Family Businesses (Associació Balear de l’Empresa Familiar – ABEF). We are convinced that together we will manage to minimise the impact of the pandemic among those that are most vulnerable.

Coronavirus: united to cover the most basic needs

The coronavirus crisis has hit every family hard, with the direst effects on the most sensitive groups. With this aid campaign for a good cause we intend to provide those most affected with basic resources that will allow them to face these hard times in the best way possible.

To do so, we have already started to collect non-perishable food that will be allocated to dozens of families who have difficulty accessing basic consumer products. We encourage you to participate by dropping off food items such as  rice, pasta, cereals, lentils, chickpeas, canned food, oil, etc. at Estel Ingeniería y Obras’ facilities in Mallorca.

We stock personal hygiene items for families in need on the Balearic Islands. Among the products you can contribute to make a difference in this area are shampoo, shower gel, soap, pads, nappies, toothbrushes…

Our team is also collecting computers that are no longer used (personal computers and business computers) in the same way and will donate them to a group of schoolchildren with few resources, to help them continue their education.

How products collected by Estel will be delivered to families

The collection and delivery campaign for food items, hygiene products and computers – already underway – will conclude at the end of July. ABEF will be in charge of distributing the collected items from our company, and from other entities that have joined the initiative.

The association will deliver food items and hygiene products directly to the Mallorca Food Bank so they can send them to organisations that help the most sensitive groups.

As for donated computers, they will be revised and repaired (if necessary) before they are handed to CEIP Verge de Lluch de Palma where the pandemic has highlighted the digital inequality. The intention is to provide the centre with more computer equipment so that disadvantaged students can continue their education in the event of a flare-up during the coming school year.

The ABEF, which contributes 10,000 euros to the campaign, is already working on the initiative in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza with  the support of associated companies such as Estel Ingeniería y Obras. Other participants are PCBox, in charge of repairing the computer devices at cost, and Malla Publicidad, providing us with the logistics of collecting the items in an altruistic manner.


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