Sport Lighting for the Juventud Constancia Club: betting on innovation in the sport sector

Technologies advance and the field of sports lighting can’t be left behind. In Estel we believe in the importance of adapting and constantly improving in order to be pioneers in the sector.

As such, we must highlight the project of renovating and modernizing the lighting done at the Juventud Constancia Club in Inca (Mallorca) with the goal of greater energy savings and guaranteeing the visual comfort for both players and spectators.

This has been possible thanks to installing PerfectPlay lights in the sports field, a flexible system of quality LED projectors that are in accordance with the rules laid down by the international soccer sports federations.

Custom made lighting allows saving energy

PerfectPlay lighting allows remote control through intelligent controllers and adapts to the necessities of the moment, allowing for progressive regulation of the lights as well as selective lighting. This marks a turning point in the sector of sports lighting.

Security, Efficiency, and Sustainability

In Estel we guarantee the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of our installations. Because of that, PerfectPlay lighting guarantees a correct and even stream of light, improving both visibility and security, on top of decreasing luminous contamination. It’s installed on top of the existing wiring, which makes it a sustainable choice that meets the specific needs of any sports facility.

Low Maintenance

Its ease of maintenance allows our team to be greatly efficient and guarantees the quality and durability of the installation.

Leaders in the integral execution of installations

This installation will be one more of a long list of projects done in the sport and entertainment sector. In Estel we work every day to offer a service that is efficient, sustainable, and innovative.

The experience in different fields, the professionalism of the team, and a strong worldwide structure make us leaders in the integral execution of installations, both inside and outside our borders

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