Innovation and efficiency in projects for health centres, supermarkets and residential buildings

Experience is something that Estel has in abundance, and it places us as leaders within our different fields of activity. For more than a quarter of a century, we have focused on the execution of integral projects in Spain and internationally and created hundreds of projects in very diverse areas during this time. Today, we can proudly say that there is no sector where we do not have a presence

The careful diversification of our services and continuous adaptation of our engineering, installation and maintenance resources meet the highest expectations placed on any kind of performance, on a daily basis.

From projects within healthcare, hotels and renewable energy to residential buildings and initiatives related to the retail sector and supermarkets, and more. It is a very wide range that continues to revolve around a common goal: a commitment to innovation and efficiency, to achieve the best possible optimisation results.

We are more than just a leading company when it comes to installations and integral projects for the hotel sector (with nearly a thousand projects carried out), our position has also been increasingly strengthened when it comes to major works in areas such as the hospital sector. 

In that sector we have carried out numerous actions related to electrical installations, safety systems, telecommunications, air-conditioning, mechanical installations, hydraulic installations and medical oxygen systems.

All of them subject to extremely rigorous and tailor-made studies, as required by the very nature of these buildings. This is how our Estel team specialised in projects relating to engineering, installations and maintenance for hospitals has contributed to modernising and improving dozens of health centres and facilities, helping them cover new needs and guaranteeing the safety and comfort of staff, patients and family members.

Our specialists have carried out actions of this kind on the Balearic Islands (Estel headquarters) as well as in other parts of Spain. In Mallorca, for example, we have created projects for Hospital General de Mallorca, Son Espases and Son Dureta (intensive care unit), as well as Son Llàtzer (emergency unit), the QuirónSalud Palmaplanas hospital and the Hospital Comarcal in Inca.

Developing projects and executing installations in the retail sector has also become a main area of expertise. Large business groups are increasingly turning to us when they need to modernise their centres and offer the best service possible to their clients. 

Mercadona, is an example of this, relying on us for the remodelling of their supermarkets on Mallorca, and the execution of electrical installations and safety systems. Other companies that have entrusted us with their projects are well-known brands such as LIDL (Palma) and the Müller chain (Palma and Campos).

Other areas where our work stands out as an indisputable benchmark are those related to the execution of projects and integral installations for residential buildings (mainly high-end, such as the residential buildings Can Cavalleria, Can Nadal and Pontivic, all of them in Palma). We are also leading company outside the city of Palma, as we have carried out the project relating to the residential area Punta Prima.

We also handle larger projects, such as for example railways, airports and educational centres: the Teatro Principal in Palma, Mallorca Airport, the Intermodal Station in the Balearic capital, the Ibiza Maritime Station, the Museo Barroco in Puebla (Mexico), and more.

No matter what kind of project we are working on, our Estel team always makes sure that the values energy efficiency, sustainability and modernity are present in all projects, regardless of size and what sector it belongs to.

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