Estel Ingeniería y Obras was one of the businesses participating in the fourteenth edition of the International Seminar on Innovation and Tourism (INTO Seminar) held on November 28 and 29 at the Balearic Innovation Technology Park (ParcBit in Palma). The initiative focused on circular economy opportunities in tourism and was attended by Antonio Ballester, CEO of Estel, who delved into the role of the company in the implementation of environmental solutions.

During his presentation, Ballester explained how the company contributes to a model based on a system of resource utilisation, materialising itself in the execution of integral installations through a respect for environmental, economic and social sustainability. In this context, he stressed the importance of minimising resources and using renewable energy, as well as investing in initiatives focused on reuse and recycling. Along the same lines, he highlighted the benefits of a circular economy and the implementation of a system for cohesion and social stability.

As an example of this commitment, the head of the company underlined the fact that all Estel’s projects are geared towards the optimisation of energy consumption for every installation, providing benefits such as savings, a reduction of primary energy consumption, a decrease in pollutant emissions and, in general, an improvement of the quality of life. He also pointed out that since the beginning (more than 20 years ago), the company has been associated with sustainable business models and a commitment to environmental responsibility (cogeneration, use of renewable energies…) as a sign of competitiveness.

The CEO further reviewed the various advantages of New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC) when committing to project sustainability. Among them, facility control (BMS), security, energy production, acoustic management and water treatment. As he pointed out, this can be visualised in aspects such as greater control, intelligent management, energy saving, lower consumption, pollution reduction, comfort improvement, lower water consumption and risk reduction.

In addition to Estel’s presence as a leading local company, the event featured renowned international and national speakers, such as consultant and educator Daniel Christian Wahl, UK researcher Paul Ekins, the director of institutional relations at Ecoembes, Julio López, and the head of the national specifications department at BMI Group, Jesús Huerta.

The International Seminar on Tourism INTO is an initiative that has been organised by the Government of the Balearic Islands since 2004, focused on analysing various topics related to tourism products. On this occasion the conference was structured as a series of expert presentations and a workshop. Its aim was to address the opportunities of a circular economy in tourism as a response to challenges related to environmental sustainability. Among the audience were professionals from the academic field, the research areas and the business sector as well as students and representatives from the public administration.

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