HM Palma Blanc: A firm commitment to sustainability

Estel Ingeniería y Obras has had the pleasure of working in the comprehensive installations of the new HM Palma Blanc Hotel, built in the emblematic Firestone building, on Ramón y Cajal Street in Palma. It is a complex of contemporary design that consists of 118 rooms and that includes in its objectives a clear vision towards sustainability and energy efficiency.


Estel has been in charge of executing the automation installations and renewable energy systems, which are made up of the following aspects:



  • Industrial control of engine rooms for their optimization based on external conditions, such as temperature and humidity, and thus reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.



  • Generation of electrical energy through solar panels and energy recovery in the air renewal circuit: The objective is to take advantage of the sun as a source of natural, renewable, affordable and sustainable energy to cover the energy needs of rooms and common areas.


  • Recharging of vehicles through 60 charging points and RFID card control distributed in 3 parking floors.


  • Monitoring of the individualized electricity consumption of each room, which will be reflected in the EsEficiencia application, developed by Estel, and will show the savings in the generation of the carbon footprint by staying in a hotel with energy optimization.


As complementary data that have reinforced the level of installation of the hotel, the following aspects have been included:


  • Irrigation and lighting systems in ecological gardens located on the roof of the building.


  • Installation of sound, lighting and home automation systems in the hotel cinema.


  • All rooms and common areas have optical fiber to guarantee data coverage throughout the hotel, as well as a wide range of possibilities to access entertainment platforms.


All these measures will contribute to the firm commitment that HM Hotels makes to a sustainable future and tourism, and favor the movement for the environment that is gaining strength every day in all sectors.

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