new recognition of the entrepreneurial spirit and risk and innovation capacity  of  Estel Ingeniería y Obras. Our team has been recognised by the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness (AEDEEC) as one of the most outstanding companies on the national scene in the field of management and innovation. Our general manager for development, Pau Ginartcollected the prestigious award on the 13th of September at the Cultural Centre for the Armies (Madrid) together with a group of professionals and benchmark companies from various sectors.

The European Award for Management and Innovation applauds Estel’s contribution to national and international economic development through engineering as well as its commitment to new business management models with an impact on competitiveness, production and efficiency. It is a recognition that gives direct credit to the capacity for effort of our managers, engineers and technicians as well as the more than 1,200 projects we have executed on a global level, involving hotels, public administrations, construction companies and private owners.

During the same event and in the same category, AEDEEC awarded a series of leading companies for their cutting-edge and/or traditional contributions within the fields of architecture, law, teaching, the scientific world and the world of research, the manufacture of special industrial products, the elaboration of products in the olive industry and ecological transition. During the gala, Gold Medals for Merit at Work and the European Business Quality Awards were also presented.

With these awards, the association wants to raise awareness about the important role these businesses play, stimulating and serving as inspiration to potential new entrepreneurs. It has a team of specialised and renowned advisors at hand to help them do so, and the awards are granted once a detailed study of the various actors involved has been undertaken.

The European Award for Management and Innovation is added to a long list of awards that the team Estel Ingeniería y Obras has received during more than 20 years in the business. Among them are the CAEB Award for Business Innovation, the CAEB Award for Good Business Practices in ORP, the CAEB Award for Good Business Practices related to the Environment, the Expansion Award for 20 success stories during the last 20 years on the Balearic Islands, and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (awarded to Antonio Ballester, CEO of Estel). Also, our company, specialising in the execution of integral projects, was recently selected as one of the companies to feature on the prestigious list of business excellence by the European Business Awards 2019 as a source of success, inspiration and reflection of dynamism in Europe.

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to express our appreciation for the boost our management and development lines received through the granting of this award by the AEDEEC and its distinguished entrepreneurs. We would also like to reinforce our commitment to continue incorporating and establishing new guidelines that strengthen business innovation for the benefit of all.

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