Estel sponsors the Pioneer of the Year award in recognition of female talent in telecommunications

The role of women in the technological field is becoming more and more important, and they are no longer left in the background. Aiming to make this group visible and to encourage future female generations to join it, Estel Ingeniería y Obras and other entities sponsor the 2020 Pioneer Award.

This award is organised annually by the Official College of Telecommunications Engineers (COIT) and will take place on March 25. The recognition seeks to value the professional career of pioneering female engineer in a traditionally male-dominated field. The jury plans to reveal the name of the winner in the second half of February.

The overall purpose of the award is to highlight the achievements and contributions of women in a field where there were virtually no women present only half a century ago. According to the organisation it serves to bring forward female engineers over the age of 50 who “broke the ice and overcame difficulties they faced as a result of being unique – because if we want to change the future, we have to remember the past”. The award will be presented at a ceremony in March and will serve to recognise senior talent in the sector, as well as strengthening technological promotion in various fields, mainly telecommunications.

Apart from the Pioneer of the Year award, different mentions will be granted to institutions and educational centres working to promote women’s interest in science. The various acknowledgements will be Special Mention Public Institution IT Pioneer, Mention Private Institution IT Pioneer and Mention Educational Centre IT Pioneer.

The Pioneer of the Year will be chosen by applying a points system (up to 70 by vote of the jury and up to 30 by vote of the members) to 10 candidate pioneers suggested by the Governing Board of the COIT and the Working Group of Women and Engineering. The jury is made up of representatives from companies and institutions across the engineering profession and from different economic activity sectors, and members of entities related to the Digital Society and senior professionals. Applications were accepted up to 20 January.

The winner will become a Pioneer Ambassador and participate in events such as talks and conferences at universities or other entities related to COIT, as well as events organised by or in cooperation with the association.

By sponsoring this award, Estel Ingeniería y Obras once again demonstrates its support for the sector as well as its awareness of the value of women and how important it is to strengthen their presence in in STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and maths) where men are still overrepresented.

We are a leading company in the execution of integral installations all over the world and we count on an ever-increasing number of engineers and technicians when we carry out large-scale projects related to engineering, installations and maintenance. Whether they are in charge of these projects or working side-by-side with male staff members or in our offices, more than twenty women contribute daily to company growth and progress. We would like to thank all those who have opted to work with us for highlighting the value of female contribution in the area of telecommunications. 

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